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Hydrogen Solutions

We believe that hydrogen is a critical energy carrier that will enable countries to meet their decarbonization ambitions. In the next 30 years, hydrogen production could account for 20% of total energy demand.


Broaden Energy is collaborating with strategic partners to provide solutions to the new ecosystem needed to accelerate the development and industrialization of affordable, clean hydrogen production.


The partnership brings together outstanding science and advanced engineering to accelerate the development of a core technology to unlock affordable hydrogen production, energy storage, and fuel applications at scale.


We are leaders in the generation of energy from Green Hydrogen. We offer containerized or pre-built solutions with various applications from transport to agriculture end products. Our solutions are catered towards:

Energy Security

Addresses the cyclical nature of renewables and strengthens energy security with orders-of-magnitude greater energy density compared with batteries.


Can be utilized in various ways in many sectors requiring energy storage, transport, heat, and chemical feedstocks.

Wide Use

Offers ways to decarbonize a range of sectors—including long-haul transport, chemicals, and iron and steel—where reducing emissions is difficult.


Solar Power Solutions

Our innovative photovoltaic solutions are making solar energy viable in any project. We deploy advanced AI powered technologies to monitor and maintain solar plants in the region.

We provide solutions for:

Utility scale projects

Building Integrated PV's (BIPV)

Solar Car Park shading

Commercial Projects Solar Plants

Residential Solar Solutions

Green House Solar Solutions

Wind Power Solutions

Onshore wind is an unlimited and renewable source of clean energy with a vital role to play in the global transition to zero carbon emissions.

Today, our wind projects provide green energy to clients, while also creating no negative effect on the environment.

The advantages of wind plants extend far beyond its environmental impact though. Wind power has the potential to strengthen communities, transform local economies, and meet all growing energy needs.

The future looks bright for wind power plants. Thanks to new technologies and increasing demand, solar and wind power are cheaper than fossil fuel power in two thirds of the world. 

In the coming years, we're dedicated to diversifying our renewable energy portfolio, with an ambition to grow our global foot print in onshore and offshore wind power.


Photo - Baniyas Island 100 MW Project first Wind Power Plant in UAE constructed by Broaden Energy

Energy Storage Solutions

Broaden Energy Storage Systems (BESS), built on state-of-the-art-technology are modular solutions in terms of output power and energy. Variety of operation modes and flexibility to connect to any voltage level, makes our products a preferred solution for complete electricity system value chain starting from the generation.


Particularly renewable energy integration, and from Transmission and Distribution (T&D) down to hybrid, island and microgrids. Built-in flexible design permits easy scalability to deliver customized solution from few hundreds of kWh to several hundred MWh.


Typical operation modes include but not limited to are: frequency & voltage regulation, peak shaving and intermittent power support including unique power quality modes.

In the micro grid applications, the core is the modern  Micro Grid Controller which measures various parameters from solar farm, wind farm, hydropower plant, diesel generators or any other distributed power generator sources. Based on the micro grid loading requirement versus availability of distributed power sources, our controller optimizes and prioritizes the overall power generation resulting in lowest operational costs and maximum savings of fossil fuel. 


Photo - QA/QC - BES- ESS Ready for deployment 

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